Forget time

When I’m fully engaged in the present, and when I’m really invested in what I’m doing in the here and NOW, I have no time to wallow about the past or worry about the future. In fact, at that point I have no sense of time at all.

It’s when I’ve taken my attention away from what I am doing right here, right now, that I dip into deferring my happiness until some daydream future time, or I start beating myself up by reliving an awful past event that honestly may not have actually happened the way I’m “remembering” it in the first place. Whew!

It’s the ego that I can thank for all of these time-draining fantasies. And I’ve learned that the ego can be quite the imaginative dramatist.

Get immersed into something you love doing, and you’ll forget time. You’ll also forget that unpleasant situation you think is so permanent. All while you enjoy your activity.

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