Their turf

A bright spot during this uneasy time of social distancing / self quarantines, and one of my favorite things to see, are the pets that seem overjoyed to have their fitness people around all day filming at-home workouts.

These cute doggies and cats can’t help but participate as their person is all over their turf, doing bodyweight workouts, stretching and yoga. Right there on the floor, which is their prime napping and playroom spots! But the videos prove that they are excellent at sharing. And they just can’t help themselves but to sneak in as many face kisses as possible, since their person has so generously kept down low at perfect pet-kissing angles. So cute!

Admittedly, I haven’t gotten much of these workouts in, but I’ve certainly improved my health by beaming with joy and giggles watching the pets relish and delight in this bonding time to the max.

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