New Choice

Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker, Gabrielle Bernstein, shares a great 3-step method on how to deal with anxiety or with any negative thought. She advises to:

  1. Notice the fearful thought
  2. Forgive the thought
  3. Proactively choose a better-feeling thought

This reminds me of an Improv game I used to play, called “new choice”.  It’s a way to flex your imagination muscle by first saying a funny line, and then a coach shouts “new choice!” so you immediately say something totally different, which creates a hilarious Improv scene.  Let’s flex our imagination muscles.  When a negative, scary, anxious thought comes through, let’s try a “new choice” and see what happens. After all, they are all just thoughts. So we might as well allow more positive, better-feeling ones to entertain.

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