They say that people don’t change, just like a leopard doesn’t change its spots. But I believe you can change, it just takes a lot of self reflection and then dedication to the change.

Our personalities are basically the result of the story we keep telling.

It’s the narrative of “who we are” that determines our personality. That narrative has been repeatedly told, or narrated, to ourselves by ourselves so often, that we believe it.

And so, to put it simply, if you want to change, then change the narrative of who you are.

It’s simple, but not easy.

First you have to pay attention to what you’re narrating, and get really clear on what the narrative is. Then you just change the part of the story that you want to change.

Of course, you’ve been listening to and believing the original narrative for your entire life, so it’s not likely that the new story will stick after just one try. But, if you’re diligent and sincere, eventually you can change it.

You can create a new narrative for yourself.

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