There’s just something about feeling excited that makes me feel so happy to be alive.

Kids are pros at it. They get excited about play-dates, birthdays, and summer vacations!

I remember as a kid being so excited during the month of May, anticipating the end of the school year, and thinking about fun days featuring swimming pools and barbecues. I even used to get excited about the big season finales of all of my favorite TV shows. (This was back when we all watched TV… on TVs… and all the shows had long seasons that ended with a bang in May!)

The point is, I used to find a lot of things to be excited about, and that excitement always made life seem glorious.

We should find more reasons to be excited.

It doesn’t have to be some over-the-top event, it can be as simple as planning a catch-up with your dear friend. But getting excited about it will bring magic into your life, making it that much sweeter.

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