Customer service is a tough gig. It’s one of the toughest gigs to do in modern society.

But sadly, the people mostly responsible for making it such a hard job, are the ones doing it.

The lack of urgency, attention, and dignity that most people bring to their customer service job creates a stigma that welcomes a lack of respect from the public. That lack of respect causes people to not want to give too much care or urgency to their job, and thus begins a vicious cycle of lose-lose.

But when customer service is good, it’s good. And when it’s good, it can be such a rewarding example for how an idyllic, paradise-like society could be. Everyone respecting each other, treating others with dignity and being treated as such, in return.

Sure, there are some horrible people out there in the “public” who will always be those nightmare customers. But they need only be the outliers, the flukes, the freaks.

Wonderful customer service inspires wonderful customers, who in turn inspire happy customer service agents.

And giving wonderful customer service doesn’t require much.

It’s only a matter of caring about what you’re doing, and most importantly, doing it with a sense of urgency. Putting yourself in the customer’s place can remind you how much you crave service yourself, that’s given with care, and especially with urgency.

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