Everything in this world is constantly changing.

We can’t resit this, so we either evolve as we go along, or we deteriorate. Nothing is static. Nothing stays frozen in time.

I mean there are days when my hair looks just right, and I wish I could just freeze it to stay put. But then I’d only have helmet hair, and that’s not the look I’m going for anyway.

So, instead I just thank God that I actually have a full head of hair to worry about how it looks, and keep it moving.

Because it could be hair today, gone tomorrow.

Then I’d wonder if it was because of too much worrying about trying to keep it frozen in time, instead of just appreciating it and letting it evolve as the day went on!

This ended up being a lot of talk about hair, rather than the main subjects of evolution, appreciation and gratitude.

So, in conclusion, things constantly evolve. Resisting this is futile. It’s best to just appreciate them in the moment, and be grateful for them.

And never try to freeze time. It wouldn’t work out how you’d expect it to anyway.

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