When I didn’t have a whole lot of them behind me, a year felt like a huge chunk of my life.

I remember being little, and realizing on the day after my birthday, that I was going to have to wait a whole year until the next one would come around again, and not knowing how I was ever going to make it!

Now, it seems like I blink, and another year has flown by. The more years I collect, the faster they seem to go.

When I used to hear older people tell me that time flies, I thought that they were just putting me on. Now I realize they were actually speaking out to their own shock of how quickly it goes.

Life goes fast, and even faster the more you’re in it. Be sure to pay attention, and enjoy it while you can.

And when your birthday comes around again, revel with glee. Because the years zip by, and eventually they’ll run out for you.

If you’re around to celebrate another birthday, that makes you one of the lucky ones.

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