March On

When I was a kid, I would often hear adults say that I “marched to the beat of my own drum.” In other words: I didn’t act, think, or behave in line with the standard, societal norms.

Either I seemed decades older than my age in maturity, dispensing wisdom and opinions to any adult who would listen, or sometimes I was much more naive than other kids my age, as if I missed getting the standard life lessons that normal kids got.

I was following my own rhythm of life. Marching to the beat of my own drum.

I’ve come to realize that we’re actually all given our own drum beat, and it’s supposed to guide us to march to it as we add our unique spin to the symphony of life. But not all of us are fortunate enough to clearly hear it at a young age. All too often it gets muted, so one can zero in instead, on the rules of “acting normal,” whatever that means.

But don’t despair. The beat doesn’t ever stop. Just put your hand over your chest, and you’ll feel it. Anytime you want to reconnect to your own rhythm, just feel your heartbeat, and march on, my friend, march on.

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