We all have holiday traditions that we perform year after year. Things we cook and bake, festive places that we visit, and favorite movies that we watch over and over, year after year. And of course we share these traditions with the special people in our lives.

Sometimes it can seem like we’re just going through the motions, and these traditions can be taken for granted.

But I make a point to fully enjoy each holiday treat, every beautiful Christmas decoration I see, and really immerse myself in enjoying any holiday movie that I stop to watch, even if it is for the millionth time, because I’m aware that next year isn’t guaranteed.

A lot can happen in twelve months, and it’s just not a given that we will all be around to partake in the traditions next year. If we do get the chance, then I say live it up and cherish every tradition you can of the magical holiday season.

The memories you make are wonderful, but they aren’t all only for you. They’re for the special loved ones that you share them with as well.

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