You are not done. Nothing is ever done. It’s always changing, evolving and growing.

Who you are today will change by tomorrow, even if only ever so slightly.

Your beliefs, your knowledge, and certainly your life experience will keep changing. And that goes the same for everyone else.

Just think about it. If you were done, fully formed, and complete just exactly as you are, then you wouldn’t need to worry about getting another haircut, or if your waist size is going to change, or even have to bother with a skin care routine!

But you do have to deal with these things, because we keep changing. And that goes for your beliefs, knowledge and life experience as well.

It’s a wise thing to keep this in mind, if ever you feel the urge to judge others based on some misguided dogmatic opinion that, what you see is what you get, end. of. story.

Remember: there’s always more to the story, and the story will eventually evolve anyway.

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