Character matters. Decency does prevail over the insidiousness of greed.

Hurt people can and do hurt people. An effective tool they use to divide us is by speaking to the greed in people’s hearts.

A truly sinister tactic is weaponizing faith as a cover, pretending their mission is all about religion, when really it boils down to greed. They scare their flock into thinking the “other side” is going to take away their money and possessions. Things that they don’t even really own in the first place.

Their dark reign can seem insurmountable. But their folly is the fact that because their mission is hollow, their righteousness is sadly, rotten.

They have no real character, no integrity, no moral fiber.

They can deflect those traits (or lack thereof) onto the “other guys” for a while, but eventually that game gets tired.

Eventually, decency does triumph.

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