The greatest teachers of motivation all agree that action cures fear. In fact, I recently heard the host of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu, say that “Action Cures All!”

Fear is an emotion caused by a perceived danger or threat. In other words, it is started in the mind. So the best way to counter that, is by moving your body into positive action.

Thinking can be wonderful. It helps to devise a strategy on how to get out of whatever predicament you may be in. But you can’t just stop there at the thinking part. You have to move into action to implement your strategy.

To make any kind of substantial change in your life, you will need to develop a momentum of movement to break out of the familiar routine. And you can’t just wish for that momentum to kick-start. You have to take physical action, even if it’s wobbly at first.

Action is the answer to these scenarios, and more. Truly, action cures all.

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