Spark Joy

Every few months I like go through my closets and drawers to take inventory of what I have, and purge what I haven’t used it in a while. I like to follow Marie Kondo’s KonMarie method and clear out anything that no longer “sparks joy” with me. Then I can tidy up and neatly store the items I still cherish with all of the new space I gave them.

This weekend I decided to KonMarie my old t-shirts, and as I was clearing out the ones that no longer serve me, I thought about how we should all do this periodically with our beliefs as well.

Kind of like t-shirts, we can end up hanging on to old raggedy beliefs long after they’ve stopped sparking joy. But for some reason we tend to let our beliefs still hang around, and clutter up our minds.

What if we took some time every once in a while, and really looked at our beliefs (which are just thoughts that we repeatedly think until they stick to us), and what if we checked to see if those beliefs of ours still spark joy? If they don’t, then perhaps it’s best to do as Marie Kondo suggests we do with our outsparked items, and thank them, then set them free.

Just like an old t-shirt, we can discard of old beliefs, and make room for joyful new ones. After all, this is our life that we get to curate for ourselves. We might as well make it as joyful as possible.

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