This is a heavy concept, but it’s fundamental.

Consciousness is a steady stream of Source Energy intelligence that runs throughout all of the Universe as pure Love. And we have access to this intelligence at all times.

In fact, we should be accessing it to live a fully heart-centered life. What blocks it from us are our own stories running through our minds that we believe to be reality.

Most of us are focused on the past. We end up reliving our past stories, over and over, and thinking we are experiencing present reality. And when we’re not stuck in the loop of past stories, we tend to live in a fearful and imagined future. This is a misguided attempt to protect ourselves from possible negative outcomes, but it’s really just another story to get lost inside of that causes anxiety.

Getting stuck in these stories takes us away from the stream of Source Energy consciousness that actually has the answers to any possible question or issue. The way to get back to this stream is to detach from our thought stories. The easiest way to do this is to meditate.

Meditation is simply focusing your awareness to the point where you observe that you have thoughts, rather than living as your thoughts. It’s very subtle, but in gaining the simple observation that you can detach from your thoughts and notice them, you’ll start to also be able to notice the Higher Consciousness that is always there flowing through you.

I know, it’s pretty heavy stuff to think about. So go easy, and try not to think to hard.

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