Get Happy

On a recent interview, Dr. Joe Dispenza said, Get Happy, what’s the worst that can happen?  You’ll be happy!

What are we waiting for?  Are we waiting for the world to settle down again before we can be happy?  It may never settle down, especially if we don’t actively choose happiness first. 

I don’t believe it’s viable to have it come from the outside-in anyway.  When we depend on the world outside to bring us happiness, we’re asking to get disappointed.  It can be taken away by any number of those outside variables.

But, if we cultivate a solid sense of ease, calm and true joy from within, then the only thing that could take that away is our own selves. 

And why would you do that?  Especially after you realize that you’re the one to thank for your own sense of joy? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t. You would not take it away from yourself.

So, go forth, and Get Happy.  Like Dr. Joe says, what’s the worst that can happen?  You’ll be happy!

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