How do you do?

I believe the phrase: The way you do anything is the way you do everything. It’s all about your mindset. And it’s very telling when you realize your own innate consistency.

If you’re kind and respectful to strangers, and people you may think have nothing to offer you, then it’s natural for you to automatically be kind and respectful to those who can really impact your life. If you’re rude to a stranger, you’ll most likely be rude to a peer, unless or until you need them. The problem with that is people can sense insincerity. They sense the act you put on to be interested, because it just isn’t a natural choice for you.

If you are conscientious about adding positive value to your personal social media, it’s most likely that you endeavor to provide positive value to your company. Someone who is quick to judge on Twitter, ready to clap back at a tweet from a profile that doesn’t even have an actual profile picture, is bound to bring that same judgement and contentious behavior into their “real life.” Twitter can be messy, but acting that way offline is just a big mess.

The person who waits until the last minute to start their commute, cutting people off and recklessly speeding, is most likely one to also wait until the last minute to start a work project, rushing through it haphazardly all along the way to a mediocre result. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

It comes down to mindfulness. Take care in your actions and your interactions. The small things build up to the big things. And each small action can indicate how the bigger actions are undertaken. Each and every one of these actions come from your mindset. They tell the story of who you are.

So, how do you do, the things you do?

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