Look Ahead

I’ve always been happiest when I have something to look forward to. I feel energized with excitement when I have an upcoming event, a trip, or a goal to achieve. It’s different from when I’ve just wanted to have something end.

Wanting to be done with a class, or a job, or even just a bad week is filled with feelings of angst. Once I’ve reached that destination and the class is over, the job is finished, or it’s finally Friday, the relief I was seeking is usually short lived anyway. Then it’s quickly taken over by a new anxious feeling of what now?!

Looking forward to doing something, rather than ending something gives me motivation. I’m active in the planning, and in getting myself ready. Then when the event happens, I feel inspired to do it again, and I start planning what’s next?!

There’s a distinction between looking forward to something coming up versus looking forward to ending what’s happening, and that distinction determines your mood. One way looks ahead, and makes you feel upbeat, while the other looks behind and drags you down.

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