A long time ago, when diapers were a staple in my wardrobe, I couldn’t walk without wobbling, or use a fork, or say the word “truck” correctly. (my “tr” sounded like an “F”… it was laugh riot at gatherings)

Eventually, with enough practice, I went from wobbling to walking to running. With enough practice I was able to master the use of a fork, and then go on to learn the distinctions among a shrimp fork, salad fork, and dinner fork. (thanks to that scene in Pretty Woman) And I’m glad to report that with practice, I can now expertly pronounce “truck” in addition to the “F” word that rhymes with it… at my own discretion.

Any skill you want to gain takes practice, and the determination to commit to it. Being cheerful is a skill. Maintaining a sense of calm, regardless of outside circumstances, is a skill. Forgiveness is a skill. These skills are just as valuable for a life of quality, as walking, using utensils, and being articulate.

They may take practice and commitment to become a part of your habitual reality, but they are attainable. Just think back to when you were a little baby and had so much to learn, but still just dove in and went for it. Keep going.

Practice being cheerful. Practice staying calm. Practice forgiveness. If you master these skills, your life is going to be cool as Truck!

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