I read a post advising not to use your energy to worry, but instead to use it to believe. It hit the nail on a great point. One use of your energy will drain you, the other will sustain you.

It’s like how our devices start losing their charge the longer we use them. Seems like my phone will only last a couple of hours anymore before it needs to be recharged. When it was brand new it could run a full day (and night) before needing to be plugged back in. But over time, the battery life has worn down, and it just can’t hold a charge.

I believe the fastest way that we get worn down is when we constantly use our own energy for worry. The energy of worry feels heavy, always sacrificing the peace available in the present for some awful made-up future. Burden yourself with that kind of heaviness long enough, and those worry lines will stay with you. You’ve drained your ability to shake it off, and bounce back.

The alternative of using your energy in the present to enjoy wherever you find yourself, believing it will keep getting better, is a much lighter energy. It’s almost like helium, lighter than air, lifting you up, and making you giggle with glee in a chipmunk voice.

The best part is that laugh lines are so much cuter than worry lines.

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