Listen and Tune in.

Louise Hay was a wonderful author and teacher. One of my favorite books of hers, You Can Heal Your Life, has this ingenious index, where she lists common ailments you may suffer from, along with the underlying emotional cause of each particular “dis-ease.” And then she offers a new thought pattern to practice and encourage its healing.

I’ve been suffering with chronic stomach pains and severe heartburn, despite eating fairly healthy, mostly plant based, along with drinking plenty of water and no alcohol. Regardless of my good habits, these stomach issues have felt like there’s an underlying emotional cause.

I remembered Louise Hay’s book, and so I grabbed it and looked up my ailments. The cause of heartburn is listed as “Fear. Fear. Fear. Clutching Fear.” (it sincerely lists the word FEAR three times) Stomach problems are noted to be caused by “Dread. Fear of the new. Inability to assimilate the new.”

It is certainly no mystery why I might be wracked with fear and dread, especially fear of the “new” as we are all currently watching the world undergo drastic changes that happen by the moment, while we collectively move into uncharted waters, so to speak. Even still, it’s enlightening to me that despite my efforts to focus on distracting myself from the bad news as much as possible, while also making the most of my time keeping productive and upbeat, my body is setting off alarm bells with this upset stomach and heartburn, warning that I am holding on to too much dread and “Fear. Fear. Fear.”

It seems to me that I could do with less distracting, and more acknowledging of my fears. My body is just not willing to play pretend like my brain wants, wishing to act like everything is all just hunky-dory. These fears won’t go away unless I do acknowledge them. I’ve got the acid reflux to prove it.

Listen. Every ailment we have is telling us something. It might be wise to take the time to tune in and learn about the cause, rather than just jumping to mask the symptoms.

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