Good things

We become what we consume and think about all day long. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of what kind of information and media we fill ourselves up with. However, it’s with beautiful design that our inner wisdom will set off alarm bells by feeling crappy when we’re consumed with too much of what we don’t really want.

Have you noticed that tightening in the chest and those knots in your stomach when you watch too much cable “news”? How about that slightly nauseous hangover feeling after binging just a bit too much trashy behavior playing out on “reality” tv? Or what about an actual hangover after a night of numbing yourself with poison, I mean sugar/alcohol/etc…?

Your body feels awful after consuming these things because it’s signaling to you – in the way it communicates, through feelings – that filling yourself up with these images, thoughts, and chemicals will only end up turning you into that same very poison. It’s hoping to show you how bad it really is, by making you feel just as lousy as is the content of those things.

It’s our inner wisdom, using the genius of the body as an aid, to remind us that we become what we think about and consume all day long. So, let’s be mindful, and choose things that are good for us, so we can feel good and be happy.

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