A loving world

More than anyone I’ve come across, Wayne Dyer had a knack for speaking truth that I felt directly from the heart. One notable truth-zinger of his, was the quote below that perfectly sums up my thoughts about the way of the world. These thoughts form a perspective I’ve had ever since I was a kid, and first observed people playing the game of life, particularly when I got to stay home from school with a cold, and watch daytime game shows…

Dr. Wayne Dyer said: Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.

I absolutely believe this. I’ve experienced it. The thing is, it is extremely malleable. It can change from moment to moment, based on your changing perceptions and mood. I mean, it’s not like you pick what’s behind door number 1, find out you’ve won a “loving world”, complete with a state-of-the-art washer and dryer, and then get to live there for your happily ever after. No, our lives are actually much more sophisticated than a fabulous daytime game show. What you get in real life is constantly evolving. But that’s a good thing! Imagine choosing door number 3, and getting stuck with the “hostile world”, along with a rust color corduroy sofa and 40 yards of nylon carpet… all courtesy of Let’s Make a Deal, with local sponsors from snarky cable news commentators and the worst of twitter! (hint – that would be the wrong door to choose)

We don’t live in a game show. We aren’t separated, living behind either door number 1, door number 2 or 3. We live all together, in the same world, but our personal experience of it is all based on our own unique perceptions.

It is possible to live in a loving world, despite what the media, twitter, or even what your own family may say. And, the way to live in this loving world, is to be a loving person.

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