Happy all along the way

Beware of Destination Happiness. You know, that thing where you think like, I’ll be happy when… (I graduate / I get a new job / I win the lottery / I get a new house / I get married / I get divorced / I get remarried… etc.)

I’ve fallen for that trap so many times in my life. And yet, each time I’ve discovered that as soon as I reach the destination, I’m not as happy as I thought I’d be. Or the happiness is fleeting. It’s not a done deal. It doesn’t stay put.

Because happiness isn’t a destination. It’s a choice that you get to make, all along the way. Perhaps that’s why they advise us to enjoy the journey. If you choose to be happy all along the way to your new degree / new job / new house, etc., then you may get those things or not, but regardless you’re already happy.

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