See it

You see what you want to see. Your mind will interpret events based on your beliefs. And you will find the “proof” to anything you want, based on what you’ve decided is true.

This can be truly frustrating. Especially when you discover that people you care about seem to willfully see the opposite reality of what you’re sure is so blatantly obvious.

But rather than buying into the conflict trap, perhaps you can start to become aware that your frustration with them is based on a belief you have; that they are difficult and ignorant. So then, all that you can see from them are circumstances where they make ignorant and wrong choices.

You see what you want to see. Yes, it applies to you too.

This is not about so called, “alternative facts,” which is just simply a sinister manipulation tactic. Facts are facts. But people will see and interpret those facts based on their beliefs. And sometimes their beliefs have been so warped that they can’t even see the facts that are right there in front of their eyes.

On the same token, if you can only see a society in conflict, and only see how wrong these people are, then that should point you to your own beliefs of a broken society. Having an awareness that we will see what we want to see, can help us to start wanting to see a healed society instead.

Spending too much time focused on problems, makes one start to see only problems. It’s time to start focusing and believing in solutions. When we believe it, we will see it.

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