When it comes to a job search, it can be a trap to focus too much on having a perfect resume. Chasing after the perfect resume can be just as much a trap for the recruiters and hiring managers as well. After all is said and done, it doesn’t matter how “perfect” the resume is, because it’s only a piece of paper. The person it represents is what really matters.

Author Brigette Hyacinth wrote: “Resumes don’t perform jobs, it’s people – so hire people and not resumes.”

So, while it is important to have an accurate, clear and compelling resume when faced with navigating a job a search, remember that it’s much more important to be sure that you are showing off your best self in real life. Equally, it’s important for hiring managers to look up from the page, and see the person you’re considering, much more than the way they wrote their resume.

Resumes can be compelling, but real life is what really matters.

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