Isn’t it amazing that there is some force that cares so much about us that it makes sure we breathe regularly, our hearts beat, and that our blood circulates, supplying the energy needed throughout every area of our body? Isn’t it amazing that this is all taken care of for us seamlessly, so we can focus on whatever we think is more important at any given moment?

Isn’t it amazing that this same force makes sure to signal us with hunger and thirst when it thinks we need to refuel and hydrate? Isn’t it incredible that it manages to make due with whatever we feed ourselves, even if we only ingest junk? Isn’t it remarkable realizing that it will work with what it’s given, for as long as it can, to continue running the systems of our bodies, repair and regenerate it, even if we don’t feed it properly?

And isn’t it marvelous that it will lovingly keep our bodies alive and running for years, possibly decades (if we’re lucky), even if it isn’t loved back?

There are those corporate studies that show how employees are much more productive and motivated to maintain or improve their good work if they are shown appreciation. They’ll actually get better if their good work is valued. And these people are already getting paid to work, which is a nice incentive in itself. But showing appreciation for all of their efforts, and acknowledging their value works wonders for productivity.

The point is that our bodies are miraculous. They stay alive and run all the systems effortlessly, and without requesting acknowledgement or praise. And then we put so much stress on them, as we focus on so much stress out in the world, and take it for granted that they will just keep doing their thing, no questions asked.

Perhaps we could take a moment every once in a while to express our appreciation and love for the miracles that are these bodies of ours, and for the amazing systems that run them.

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