Each and Every Day

In a zoom meeting this week, we touched on the fact that sometimes you just want to veg out and do nothing, rather than face all the challenges coming up in navigating these uncertain times, while still hoping to achieve professional goals.

Our coach, the meeting lead – ever the motivator – reminded us that there will always be challenging days, so we need to look at each day as a new day to take action towards achieving what we want. And, she’s spot on. Any little action, taken each and every day, compounds to achieve results.

As it so happens, the first post that popped up on my Instagram feed this morning, was a fantastic new motivational video from Arnold Schwarzenegger, that champion of fitness and inspiration. He rolled up like a bad-ass in this army truck, somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, got out, lifted a bar bell that he happened to have in tow, and encouraged us all to be sure to do some kind of movement each and every day, even while the gyms are closed. We should improvise, but still exercise. As he put it, We cannot control the virus, but you can control the kind of shape you stay in. Let’s stay strong, let’s stay fit, let’s train at home. – Asta la vista!” Then he got back in that army truck, and rolled through off-screen like a total boss. (He’s the best!)

It’s so important to take action, doing something each and every day that will help bring you towards your goals for health, fitness, career, and all the things that are meaningful to your life.

There are major challenges in our way. But there will always be challenges. You know the saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day? Well, I’m sure they had incredible challenges. For starters, there wasn’t a Rome yet that they could just copy, so they had to build it from scratch! And yet, they did build it, bit by bit. They did it by taking some kind of action each and every day.

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