The choice is easy.

In the Bible there’s a famous story of King Solomon’s judgement. Solomon had been gifted wisdom from God, which he demonstrated when two women came to him, each claiming that they were the true mother of this baby. He suggested taking a sword and cutting the baby in two, so each woman could take home half. Instantly the real mother begged him to stop, and let the other woman take the baby. Meanwhile, the other lady was fine with going with the split and halfsies. So the evidence was clear: the real mother would rather give up her own child so that it could live, while the other lady was willing to take the easy way out. Also she seemed like a morbid creep. Solomon’s wisdom was shown by how he could swiftly and impartially bring out the truth. In other words, he cut to the chase! (really bad pun)

When you really love someone, including yourself, you don’t hesitate to make the best choice available for them (or yourself), even if that isn’t the easiest choice to make. Love, true heart-centered love, dictates that the best choice must be made, period.

I learned last year that I didn’t really love myself. But I also learned that my best friend did. When faced with an extremely stressful choice if I should return to a toxic job that made me sick or not, I hesitated. I knew that it was was a bad idea to continue working there, and that it most likely would kill me, but staying felt easier than taking a stand for my health. I actually hesitated on making a choice for my own best interests. My best friend had no hesitation. I’ll never forget how resolute he was when I asked him if he thought I should just go back to work. It was a firm NO. I saw in his eyes how much he loved me, and how clear the choice was.

That moment was a true paradigm shift for me. Seeing someone look at me with unquestioning love was a completely foreign sight for me. It surely wasn’t what I saw in my own eyes when I looked in the mirror. So, like Solomon’s Judgment, a swift resolution was made. I needed to love myself, wholeheartedly. Seeing what love looks like when its focused on you shouldn’t be an unfamiliar sight, especially if you’re looking in the mirror.

Love will make any choice easy, it just won’t always make the easiest choice. Sometimes you have to give up a baby, sometimes you have to give up a job. But you never should give up on the love from your heart.

And in conclusion, Solomon may have been blessed with divine wisdom, but I’ve been blessed with the most incredible best friend.

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