We are verbs

Deepak Chopra said, “you are not a noun, you are a verb.”

It was this flash of eloquent brilliance he dropped in a video of a much bigger discussion he was in with the Indian yogi Sadhguru, while on the topic of Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times. I just had to hit pause and jot that little nugget down. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

We are not static, stationary, and changeless. We are in constant flux, growing and evolving moment by moment. He nailed it. We are not nouns, we are verbs.

So, why do we so often try to act like we can freeze time? Why do we fight change so much, when change is what we are? Right down to our cellular level. Even further. All of those little atoms and subatomic particles that make up our cells are constantly zipping around like they’re in a big-box store on Black Friday.

Think about it. Our nails keep growing, our hair keeps growing, our weight changes, and so do our moods. So, why would we think our ideas, standards, and even our way of life will not change and grow?

We are verbs. We are constantly evolving. Any attempt to think that you can stop it and stay just as you are is only a thought full of resistance. And resistance is what makes change so stressful. Growth continues whether you fight it or not. Might as well enjoy the ride then, and steer it in the direction you’d like.

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