Who’s inside your mental house?

When I was a kid at a sleepover, we watched this scary old movie on a fresh Blockbuster VHS rental, called When a Stranger Calls. And in the climax of this movie –*SPOILER ALERT* (sorry, but the movie was ancient even in the 90’s when I saw it) — but the terrifying reveal was that the obscene, murderous calls to the babysitter were “coming from inside the house!”

Now, the scariest entity in the whole Universe is your own brain. One of its primary jobs is to scare the bejeezus out of you so it can protect you from potential harm. It does this by warning of the worst case scenarios, through imagining terrifying outcomes that I pray will never really happen to you out there in your “real life.”

All of this has its place, and it can be helpful to you… as long as you remember that these horrific illusions are only coming from inside your own mental house.

So when it gets too dark inside your brain’s imaginings, you need to step outside into the light of the real world. Give your imagination and any creepy callers hiding out in there a rest.

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