Gratitude list

We’re all advised to have a daily practice to think of at least three things we’re grateful for. It creates an attitude of gratitude. And an attitude of gratitude puts you into the vibration of abundance. That’s when you attract all of the good things.

Try it. Every day, list at least three things that you’re grateful for.

Now, what if we also intentionally did something daily so that those in the world around us could add it to their own list of three things? You could help hold the elevator for a neighbor who’s struggling with heavy grocery bags. Smile at that stressed postal worker. Post a fun video of your cat. Or, share your laughter with someone. It may be the thing they’ve needed the most.

Add to the blessings of the world. It can only come back to benefit you. And it’s a surefire way to keep your gratitude list growing and glowing.

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