Fresh Start

Each day is a new chance for you to start fresh, create the life of your dreams, and under your terms. If you can breathe, if you find yourself to be awake in this new day, you get that chance.

In the book The Magic of Believing, author Claude Bristol describes how Franklin D. Roosevelt handled his diagnosis of being afflicted with polio paralysis, saying He never looked “backward,” but always “forward”–“yesterday” was a closed book.

In other words, despite being afflicted with a horrible, debilitating virus, he believed his best chance at recovery and at walking again was to not wallow in the past, but to instead look forward to a new day.

Yesterday is as old news as the time when the polio virus was a real threat. There’s no sense in being stuck in the past, even as recent as yesterday. It’s best to close the book on it, and focus only on what’s yet to be written. Because that’s where you have the chance to write a new, improved chapter.

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