One of my favorite analogies from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks is when they describe watching a little baby first try to walk, as they stumble and bumble around then fall, and how you would never say to them “Get up you little dummy!” because you accept that they are learning and finding their balance.

So why then are we so harsh to anyone who stumbles and bumbles, but has outgrown the age of wearing a diaper while gumming a pacifier?

Every single human on this planet sees the world through their own unique perspective, with their own learning curve, and they all have their own level of finding their balance while navigating along beside the (close to 8 billion) other humans. I wish we would remember that, and be more gentle with each other as we find our way, like we are with the little ones.

Do you want to end someone’s act of oppressing others so they’ll grow and be better, or do you just want them subservient to your oppression? If the fight is to prove that we all have equal value, then it should be remembered that not one of us is superior. Not one of us has all of the answers. And not one of us is above making horrible mistakes.

A trap in the victim mentality is thinking that you are beyond possibly making the very same bad choices as your enemy if given the same circumstances, and believing that they are subhuman instead of merely being humans who have made bad choices.

Every human, including the ones who have made horrible mistakes, are capable of greatness, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, to ultimately learn, grow, and make the most loving choices rather than continue to stumble and make the most hostile choices. Choices that are available to all.

Anyone can stumble, even the high and mighty ones who seem to relish lashing out judgments. No one is superior. But every one of us can grow, learn and improve.

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