A Joyful Heart

I’m no doctor, but I know that there is a force running through us that is ultimately responsible for our health and healing. It’s the same force that sparks life into us from the start. Doctors are most definitely needed, but the best of them know that they are there to brilliantly help create the most optimal circumstances for that force to do it’s work in revitalizing the patient.

Of course, the patient needs to help as well. There’s a passage in the Book of Poverbs that says, A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. In other words, our attitude and the thoughts we hold in our heart most certainly affect our chances in keeping and maintaining overall good health.

Choosing good habits in what we consume and in how we move our bodies is absolutely vital to our health. But a joyful heart free of stress, animosity, and hate is fundamental to letting that life-giving force run purely through us.

I’m no doctor, but I feel it’s important to remember how beneficial it is to have a joyful (merry) heart. And I’m not prescribing anything here, but I offer up this reminder to you too.

A joyful heart is so beneficial to your health, and it certainly makes life much more enjoyable to live.

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