Extraordinary Living

I have a treasured book of quotes from one of my heroes, Dr. Wayne Dyer, titled: You Are What You Think (365 Meditations for Extraordinary Living).

Tonight I read his quote where he asked, “Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?” I can’t help but wonder why we’re not asking this more often of ourselves, and of our leaders.

Part of me feels like it’s because it’s better for business to focus on (and add more to) the problem. As long as there’s a problem, there’s something to grab attention with and get a following behind you. Creating and offering a solution would only end that problem, and thus end the fired-up followers full of retweets, ratings, and page-clicks. They would just jump onto the bandwagon of the next guy who wants whine and blame and only just be a part of the problem.

It takes bravery, compassion, and actual concern to be a part of the solution. It takes extraordinary maturity.

Adults are concerned with solutions rather than playing the blame game. Babies like to whine and play that game. Immature children with underdeveloped brains will sound off screaming (or tweeting) their tantrums, pointing their little fingers, and letting their emotions go wild, only to add to the problem.

The saddest part of this is, all of the emotions and tantrums only help those who are in the business of grabbing our attention for profit. Why are so many of us paying attention to problem-oriented tantrums that are simply on the same emotional level of a grumpy baby?

Dr. Dyer’s book offers advice on “Extraordinary Living.” It seems that the better way to an extraordinary life, and to being extraordinary leaders, is to take attention off of the problems and to focus on solutions.

The mature and effective choice, is to stop looking back and pointing fingers, but instead to decide on what we can do to help, right here and now.

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