Little kids are supposed to learn and grow each day. It’s perfectly understandable that they will stumble, wobble, and fall as they learn to walk. It’s expected that they won’t have all of the words yet to be able to describe what they need. Or even to be able to pronounce them properly. We think it’s cute. We delight with great compassion at their innocence, watching them explore as they refine their basic “people skills.”

Somewhere along the line as people grow up, we stop thinking it’s all so cute. At some point, once we’re bigger people, we are then expected to be perfectly perfect. Any stumbling is looked down upon as a weakness. It’s annoying, and nobody has time for an adult who isn’t already a fully finished, flawless person.

But we’re never finished. Each new day that we’re alive, brings with it new experiences that we get to learn how to wobble through. Sometimes we’ll fall down like a little toddler. Sometimes we may struggle with finding the right words in how to describe what we need.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we remembered that little kid who is still inside of our hearts, hoping to be loved unconditionally as we continue to refine those ever evolving “people skills”? No one is perfectly perfect, or ever a fully finished, flawless person.

Wouldn’t it be great if we looked at everyone with as much compassion as we give to the little ones?

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