The Gift

As we find ourselves in a world dealing with a global pandemic, and uncertainty all around for what the repercussions will be, I find myself easily slipping into a familiar pattern of wishing it was two months from now. Wishing this time was over. It’s an old habit of mine to wish I could fast forward through the tough spots in my life. And old habits die hard.

I remember the wisdom I was given as a kid that all storms eventually pass. But my anxious little mind interpreted that as a prompt to wish for whatever situation I was in to already be over. I would repeatedly wish that I was in the future. I thought this would be a comfort, but all it’s ever done is add to the discomfort of the present moment, and amplify the stress and anxiety I’ve felt for not already living in the calm after the storm. It’s a groove in my neural pathways that I’ve carved deep from living all these years repeatedly wishing I was in the future, and resenting the present.

Resenting the present only makes it harder to live through. Resenting the present only makes it seem even more terrible. Wishing you were already in the future takes your power away. The future doesn’t exist. The future will just become the present once you get there. And I’ve realized that practicing this resentment of the present creates that as a negative set point. So, it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy that I have no power in the present moment, and once I get to the hoped-for future, I’ve already given my power away… again.

Echkart Tolle advises to simply, “Say ‘yes’ to the present moment. Say ‘yes’ to life, and see how life starts working for you rather than against you.”

Your only power is in the NOW. The present may look negative, but once you accept where you are, right now, you then have the power to make it what you want. Remember, that “present” is a synonym for “gift.” Enjoy your gift. That’s what life is all about.

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