We can be heroes

Everyone is the hero of their own story. Odds are then, that this also means you’re going to be the villain in other people’s stories.

I mean, how many times can people tell a story about “that assface” who cut them off on the freeway, before you end up being this assface that they’re talking about?

Of course, it’s all about perspective, right? Take an incident where you are the jerk of the story, who cut someone off on some fateful day. But if told from your point of view, you might have a great story about how you got your cousin to the airport just in the nick of time to catch his flight, so he could make it to his dying mother’s bedside, even though for a second you guys were stuck behind this “total idiot” on the road who was in the way, and almost screwed it all up! Perspectives, amiright?

So, how do you actually get rid of the bad guys, and make this a better world for all?

Well, if you’re the one making yourself the hero, and by the same logic, you’re making others the bad guys, then the way to make the world a better place is by making yourself a person who doesn’t need to be the “good guy” vs. those other “bad guys.”

Judgement stops by each of us choosing to stop judging, and choosing to stop insisting on being right at all costs.

You can make the world a better place by focusing on making yourself a better person, without blaming “them.”

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