Wisdom lies outside the Mind

Tis’ the Season to share love

People have always asked me, how did I get so smart.

Truly, I give credit to my Inner Being / Source / God / Universal Wisdom. I just learned to step out of the way (from trial and error), and let the intelligence flow through me. This has given me great instincts, incredible timing, wisdom beyond my years, intelligence, a strong sense of perception, and even knowledge beyond my formal education.

Now I just said a whole lot there, so let me unpack what I meant about “stepping out of the way” to let the intelligence flow, and also what I meant about “learning from trial and error.”

It goes back to the very beginning.

The first five years of my life were like a fairytale. I came out of the gate (so to speak) as a fiercely independent and very astute little boy. I was treated like a prince, and doted on for my cuteness and clever way of looking at life. Clever like a fox! Those first five years were magical, as I had free reign of the castle, knowing that I was adored for being so darn cute and bright.

But much like in the fairytale stories I was read to at bedtime, that magical existence ended swiftly at the tender young age of five. I was taken from my mother, and found myself trapped in a cold, foreign house, with a wicked stepmother, and a father who now seemed to be under her evil spell.

Don’t worry or feel too sad for that little prince. (recap – the little prince is me) Just from my writing this post today, it’s a testament that I not only survived this twisted turn in the story, but I also thrived beyond the cruelty from that wicked stepmother, and that lost father.

So let’s jump ahead a few years into this new setting. I was about seven or eight now, and was dragged along with the wicked stepmother to the grocery store. I was not enjoying it, and really not enjoying being affiliated with the likes of her; someone who beats and deliberately hurts clever little kids. By the way, I absolutely did know, and further, chose, words like “affiliated” at seven or eight years old. Thank you Universal Intelligence!

Back to this time at the grocery store. At the check-out stand, the cashier said something to the wicked stepmother like, “what a cute little boy you have.” And told me something like, “your mom must be so proud.” And I went out of my mind. More on that in a moment.

You see, wicked stepmother insisted that I call her mom, and I can vividly remember being incensed, revolted, offended, and so sad for my own beautiful mother, that I was being forced to publicly claim this mean, abusive woman as my mom! I was so upset, and then something happened that changed me forever.

A thought came to me that made me pause.

In my state of such distress, I thought this:

I’m getting too upset over how I’m thinking about this “mom” thing.

I need to change My Mind.

And the way those words were phrased hit me like a bolt of lightning!

My Mind.

I immediately questioned the phrasing of: “My” mind.

Why is it mine, and not just me?

What makes it my mind, as if it’s like my computer?

Am I not the same as my mind?

If I’m not my mind, then who am I?

Who is doing this thinking?

Who is behind the thought that advised me to change my mind, to calm me down?

These questions rushed at me at superspeed. But at the same time, I felt like time stood still. And then my whole brain opened up. I felt myself float up, and I was suddenly in outer (inner?) space. I could feel myself floating through the vastness of the entire Universe! I tapped into something bigger than I could have ever imagined. Remember, I had about eight years of knowing I was a very clever boy, but this was beyond what I could fathom. Right at that moment in time, I had been given an unshakeable knowing that there is a force so much bigger than what our brains could perceive.

Rising out of my body, and into the heavens was a pretty existential experience for an eight year old to have, at a suburban grocery store check-out stand no less, and it seemed like I was gone floating through the cosmos forever, but it must have really only been a few seconds. Even still, you can be sure that the wicked stepmother slapped me for daydreaming.

But from that moment on, this beautiful experience gave me a confidence, and a knowing that I was a part of a loving universe. That I was loved. That feeling of being loved, was something I desperately needed, and thought I had lost, when I essentially lost both of my parents at age five. Oh, they were both still around, but not really there anymore. Yet that was ok.

I knew from that moment, that I was connected to pure love. And I also knew that this pure love was connected to them. (It was even connected to the wicked stepmother.)

I also knew from that moment that I could tap into this universal love and that it provided intelligence, and just like I explained at the beginning, it also provided good timing, wit, talent, and even knowledge beyond my education. Most of all, it provided me with Confidence.  

Now, I was also still only eight years old, dealing with a broken home situation… growing up around alcoholism, abuse, cancer, death, more cancer, fatal accidents, suicides, cruel schoolmates, hormones, betrayals, rejections, achievements, accomplishments, and failures… you know, normal life stuff. And a lot of the time – most of the time really – I would forget that I could tap into the Universal Loving Intelligence, and would arrogantly think that my confidence came from my own brain.

That’s when I would struggle.

And I would add to the struggle, by thinking I could get myself out of that tough situation on my own.  

Yeah, that never worked.

But whenever I have remembered to “change my mind,” and even better, to step out of the way and drop the thoughts of trying to fix whatever problem I’m facing, with my own brain… but instead have remembered to relax, and let Universal Wisdom flow… then a solution would arise. A loving thought will always pops up. A funny, uplifting remark will blurt out. An incredibly smart solution bubbles to the surface.

Why is this so?

It is because the brain that is so overloaded with the problem, has no room for the solution. It’s problem oriented, so it’s just best to give that brain a rest!

The solution never lives in the same place as the problem.

The solution comes from the loving Universal Wisdom that I was so lucky to discover at such a young age. I learned that solutions can come to all of us, we just have to step out of the way, and allow them to show up.

Now it’s been many years since I was shown the expanse of the universe, and I have to admit that I haven’t had another experience again that is quite on that level. Over the last year though, I’ve been consistent with a daily meditation practice, and I have actually come close. This meditation practice is like working out in a sense, only I’m training my brain to slow down, and not work so hard, so that I can let the wisdom flow through.

But I must say that my experience floating in the cosmos all of those years ago, gave me a deep confidence and knowing. It also put me on a quest to learn about spirituality, self development, and then from that, to motivation and inspiration for others. My meditation practice has also helped reinforce to me that I am an uplifter and a teacher to my core, and that I want to help guide others to connect to the Love of the Universal Wisdom. I want to help others to know they can connect to the Love of God – the All that Is.

I’m so thankful that I did live through hard times, and that I learned the difference in results from giving it to God and connecting to Source, versus relying only on my own mind.

Neale Donald Walsch says:

Wisdom lies outside the mind. Wisdom resides within the soul.

The soul is your connection to all of the Universe, meaning God.

And do you know what’s beautiful about Life? It just keeps on giving those lessons, so that you can stay in practice calming your mind, and connecting to God.

A beautiful Quote by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati goes:

Quiet the Mind and the Soul will Speak.

I firmly believe that the best way to quiet your mind, and calm your brain, is to practice meditation. Meditation is simply observing your thoughts, until you notice that you are detaching from them.

This post is my gift to you all for the holiday season. I felt the time was right to tell the story of how I received this strong connection to Source back at that grocery check-out stand all of those years ago, and how I now know the way to continue this connection. Most of all, I want to share with you that this Love is real. We can all connect to Source Energy, and feel the loving Universal Wisdom.

Meditate. Calm your brain. Quiet your mind. And when you do, you can allow the wisdom and love of God to come through.

This knowing has given me such confidence, and a true feeling of the greatest love in the universe. I wish the same for you all.

There is much love here for you. ~FoxZM

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