To Try

Cheers to you, and whatever you want to be and do!

Don’t try.  Whatever it is that you think you are trying… well, you may think you have the best of intentions, but just in the very endeavor of trying, you are not doing.  In the thought process behind trying, you somehow negate the idea that you can accomplish the task.  It’s like you are preemptively giving yourself an out, and there’s a lot of struggle in that exercise. Why not just do it?

Legendary Jedi Master, Yoda, says:

Try not.

Do or Do not.

There is no Try.

So why don’t you just do it?  I know the reason why I will give something a try, rather than just do it.  It’s from a lack of confidence.  I am simply not confident enough to know that I can succeed in my attempt of whatever I think that I will just try.  But this lack of confidence is because I’m thinking I have to figure it all out from the get-go.  It’s because I’m relying on my own brain to know it all, rather than trusting the Universal Wisdom, the energy that moves through everything, to support me.

Abraham Hicks says:

The less you try, the more you get.

Because trying and controlling are always upstream.

In other words, trying is an act of struggling.  It’s like paddling upstream against a river current instead of flowing downstream, and letting the river take you.  Can you imagine trying to control a river current and reverse it?  What a senseless struggle.

When you are just doing an inspired action, then you are flowing downstream.  You are flowing with the current.  There is no need to stop and think about what you’re trying to do.  You are doing it.

Trying is being stuck in your head conceptualizing. Too much of that ends up making it overwhelming, and scary.

Years ago, I had this concept of myself as trying to be an actor.  I’ll never forget a pivotal moment in that chapter, when I was fortunate enough to be at a fancy Hollywood industry party, and I met a fairly famous working actress.  I told her that I was an “aspiring actor.”  I’ll never forget her reaction.  She looked at me, with a very serious look on her face, and she asked “What does that even mean?” And she emphasized that it was a rhetorical question, by giving me a kind of cockeyed look on her face.  By the way, she has since gone on to star in a long running, and incredibly successful series, and I see her often give that same look to her TV family.  At the time, her response to me felt like she stabbed a knife straight through my heart.  But, even though it stung, her point was made with me.  I was going around “aspiring” to be an actor, instead of being one.  She nailed it.  I didn’t really want to be an actor, so much as I wanted to be in the process of trying, because that implied struggling.  The struggle seemed noble to me, and more importantly, it was a good distraction from my disappointment of not fulfilling my true dream.  That was because my dream seemed too big for me.  I wanted to be like Wayne Dyer, the “Father of Motivation.”  But the world already had a Wayne Dyer, who was so accomplished, and seemed to be in tune with divinity.  I felt like I was too flawed, too selfish and vain, and nowhere near being in the same league as Dr Wayne Dyer!  Dreaming of being a teacher at that level seemed so highfalutin, that simply trying to be an actor, came across as sensible in my warped reasoning.  I worked it up in my head that if I tried to be an actor, that the struggle of it would keep me occupied.  And if I succeeded, and somehow got a platform, I could then use that fame to begin teaching and motivating others.  It was some convoluted scheme along the thought of that old saying to shoot for the moon – even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.  At least that’s what I was trying.  I’m so glad that Miss TV Superstar saw through this right at that chance meeting, and was kind of enough to call me on my B.S. with one simple rhetorical question: “What does that even mean?”  It means I’m not being authentic.  Thank you for calling me out, lady.  Now please go forth and win multiple Emmys! (she has!)

And really, I was just delaying my dream to “someday”.

That’s another problem.  Delaying things to “someday”, or getting caught up in counting the Pluses and the Minuses, or the Pros and the Cons.  If it is important to you, and you want to do it someday, then just do it!  You won’t be perfect.  It won’t be all Pros and Pluses.  But you will figure it out along the way.

So for me, I’m writing now on a public forum.  I’m sharing what I’ve learned so far, and sharing what I continue to learn from life, and those around me.  My writing output isn’t perfect.  My speeches need work, and I am nowhere near the divinity of that Father of Motivation, my hero Wayne Dyer.  But I’m not trying to be like him.  I am being Fox Michaels.  And I am not trying to be a writer now.  I am writing.

Ultimately, this whole entry could be about semantics.  Because what one person says they are doing, another could be saying they are trying it, and they both might mean the same thing.  I just ask that you notice your intention when you think about what you say you are trying.  If it feels like a struggle, and so to protect yourself you think you will just try and see, but deep down you don’t really think it will work out, then all that trying is just punishing yourself.  Let go of the thought that you have to try.  Cut out the middleman thought of trying, and go straight for the doing.

There is much love here for you.

– FoxZM

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