I read this fascinating perspective on the internet pointing out that our skeleton is not, in fact, inside of us. It explains how we are a brain, and that is inside of a skeleton. Not the other way around. Further, this skeleton machinery that we’re piloting is covered in a meat armor. Trippy, right? And yet, pretty accurate.

I believe why we instinctively think of the skeleton as being “inside of us” is because we get it that we are so much more than this whole biological structure. The meat armor, bone machinery, and supercomputer brain are all collectively inside of this beautiful body that we use to navigate through our life experience.

It’s a tool that we use, and it is to be respected and cared for, but it isn’t who we really are. And that is why we leave every bit of it behind when we pass on. Even the brain gets left. It becomes a defunct piece of hardware that won’t turn on anymore. So, the brain isn’t you. You are the software that’s running it.

I know, it can be weird to think of it all in this way. But also so splendid to remember just how dynamic we truly are.

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