Thank You

Every single morning when I wake up, the first thought that I have is THANK YOU.

Thank you for another day.

Thank you for my cozy bed.

Thank you for my wonderful home.

My body feels refreshed, strong, healthy and vital – all of the parts are working really well – Thank You!

I didn’t always think this way… and yet I still got to wake up every day…

except I would wake up in hell.

A hell that I brought to myself.

A hell that I often thought about escaping… by ending it all.

Do you know what would stop me when I thought this?  A gentle voice in my head…  a voice clearly much wiser than my own thoughts.

I don’t know if it was coming from the spirit of my Father or my Grandmother (both of whom always linger around), or if the voice came from my Higher Self -my Inner Being – or Soul…

Perhaps the voice was from my Guardian Angel, Mikie…

Or maybe it was from the Big Boss – yes, I mean GOD.

The point is that I have a virtual army surrounding me.  A gentle, loving, army who looks out for me.  And I am so Grateful for them.  And they told me that if I “end it all”, that I would only end up in a perpetual loop of this Hell that I was so desperate to escape!  In other words: That’s not the way to escape Hell.

Another pretty descriptive word for this Hell of mine is Depression.

That same gentle voice in my head reminded me of a powerful thought that I’ve learned from several sources.  Paraphrased simply, it goes like this:

You can’t be Grateful and Depressed at the same time.

So I got the message.  I needed to start saying Thank You.

Truly, what I want are less things to be upset about, and more things to be grateful for.  I want joyful, fulfilling relationships and pleasing interactions with the people in my life.  I want thoughts, ideas and experiences that make me smile, laugh, feel warm inside, and bring tears of joy to my eyes.  I want to be able to praise about how good things are going.  I want to be delighted to see beautiful acts of humanity when I open up Twitter.  I want to be proud of my fellow human beings, knowing that we are all doing whatever we can to protect Planet Earth, because we are so Grateful to have it to call our Home!

Don’t you want these things also?

I know I sound idealistic, but – as my army of guides like to remind me – I am an optimist through and through.  And further, I think it is us Optimists who will be the ones to help turn the tide, and save humanity in a Revolution of Love.

(Of course I just defined myself as an optimist with that statement.)

But I hope I struck a chord with you in bringing up a Revolution of Love.

Fighting, Hating, Complaining… all that does is bring to you more to fight, hate and complain about.

The contrary is just as true.  And yet it feels so much better.

So why don’t you try to love more?  Why don’t you try to praise more?  Why don’t you try to look more for what you are thankful for?  Why don’t you help to start a Love Revolution?

Let’s sweep humanity with Love, Appreciation, and Gratitude!

This “Love Revolution” idea comes from the incredible spiritual teacher, Matt Khan, who teaches:

Whatever arises… LOVE that.

Even more pertinent to what I’m saying here, he has said:

When you acknowledge everything you love, 

you begin to love everything you acknowledge.

This brings me back to my daily practice of appreciation… my habit of beginning each day by saying Thank You!… how that turned into a new way of life for me… and how it pulled me out of my own personal Hell!

As Matt points out – when you start directing yourself to look for what you Love and appreciate, then you find yourself seeing more and more things to Love, and you find more and more things to be grateful for.

I can attest to that.

The more that I am in an Attitude of Gratitude, the less I am in attitudes of fear, anger and depression.

Remember:  You can’t be Grateful and Depressed at the same time.

Just imagine how much our societies would change if they focused more on Gratitude.  Imagine how much our societies would change if they focused more on what they Loved.  It’s in that simple act that they would have turned away from what they hate and away from what they fear.  Simply, if we all turned towards Love and Gratitude, we would be turned away from hate and fear, and those things would no longer be in our line of sight.  And this change happens without force or fighting… just only with loving intention.

Abraham Hicks explains what I mean here with a very clear thought:

Don’t get rid of what you don’t want – 

just focus upon what you do want.

Focus on what you Love.

Focus on what you appreciate.

Focus on what you are Grateful for, 

and you will fill your life with all of those things.

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving in the United States.  It’s a wonderful idea for a holiday – a day of giving thanks!

What if you gave thanks every day?  I do.

Truly – the first thought that pops into my mind upon waking up in the morning is – THANK YOU.

This simple act has changed my life in so many ways, and it is skyrocketing me towards fulfilling all of my dreams.

Thank you.

Thank you for reading this entry, and thank you for going on this journey with me.

There is much love here for you,


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